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The Pathogen Workshop Series is part of the Center's Water Fellows Program. It was designed to bring together nationally renowned water scientists and individuals (Water Fellows) who have an interest and stake in the future of water in the State of Michigan. The purpose of the workshop series was to learn about sources, pathways, and impacts of pathogens in water and to discuss potential solutions. Our goals were to characterize the issues regarding pathogens in Michigan, examine methods and solutions to address those issues, and to develop a framework for monitoring pathogens.


Pathogen Report Released at Joint Committee Meeting

The products from the Pathogen Workshop series, including the report Waterborne Pathogens: Where Michigan Stands Now and Recommendations for Our Future, were released at a joint committee meeting of the House Committee on Great Lakes and Environment and Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Environment on Wednesday May 14th, 2008. Click here for the press release.

Media contact: Dr. Joan Rose


Final Report and Fact Sheets

The Water Fellows and Executive Steering Committee produced a report and series of fact sheets based on the workshops. Click the links below to download copies (all pdf files):

Report: Waterborne Pathogens: Where Michigan Stands Now & Recommendations for Our Future
Fact Sheet 1: Waterborne Pathogens in Michigan
Fact Sheet 2: Sources of Waterborne Pathogens in Michigan
Fact Sheet 3: Harmful Algal Blooms
Fact Sheet 4: Microbial Source Tracking
Fact Sheet 5: Transport of Pathogens from Fecal Sources to Beaches & Drinking Water
Fact Sheet 6: Rapid Detection & Predictive Modeling of Pathogens in Water

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Workshop Schedule and Materials

  • February 9, 2007: Pathogens 101, Dr. Marylynn Yates, UC-Riverside

Feb 9 Seminar Flyer (pdf)
Background paper by Dr. Yates (pdf)
Presentation (pdf)
WebCast of Dr. Yate's Presentation

  • March 2, 2007: Harmful Algal Blooms, Dr. Juli Dyble, Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory and Dr. Greg Boyer, State University of New York

Mar 2 Seminar Flyer (pdf)
Background paper by Drs. Boyer & Dyble (pdf)
Presentation by Dr. Juli Dyble (pdf)
Presentation by Dr. Greg Boyer (pdf)

  • March 16, 2007: Source Tracking, Dr. Kate Field, Oregon State University and Dr. Troy Scott, Source Molecular Corporation

Mar 16 Seminar Flyer (pdf)
Background paper by Drs. Field & Scott
Presentation by Dr. Kate Field (pdf)
Presentation by Dr. Troy Scott (pdf)

  • April 20, 2007: Transport of Pathogens, Dr. Stanley Grant, UC-Irvine and Dr. Jeanette Thurston-Enriquez, USDA Agricultural Research Service

April 20 Flyer (pdf)
Background paper by Dr. Thurston-Enriquez (pdf)
Paper by Dr. Grant (pdf)
Presentation by Dr. Thurston-Enriquez (pdf)
Presentation by Dr. Grant (pdf)

  • May 11, 2007: Tools & Techniques: Predictive Models and Molecular Detection, Jill Lis, Cuyahoga Health Dept. and Dr. John Griffith, Southern California Coastal Research Project

May 11 flyer (pdf)
Background paper by Jill Lis (pdf)
Background paper by John Griffith (pdf)
Presentation by Jill Lis (pdf)
Presentation by John Griffith (pdf)

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Time and Location

All public lectures were held at 9:00-10:30 am at the MSU Henry Center for Executive Development in Lansing except on May 11. The May 11 lecture was held at the GVSU Annis Water Resources Institute's Lake Michigan Center in Muskegon.


The public seminars will be webcast live and then archived for viewing at a later time. Please see or click the above links for the WebCast listed under each workshop. If you are unable to join us in person, please log on to the webcast.

The webcasts will be archived so that you can watch them at any time.


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